The following documents have been obtained by Parallel History Project (PHP) associates Oldrich Tuma from former Czechoslovak archives, and Mihail Ionescu from Romanian archives, and Senior CWIHP Scholar Bernd Schaefer from former East German archives, in preparation for the International Seminar on "China and the Warsaw Pact in the 1970-1980s", to be hosted on 24-26 March 2004 in Beijing.

The seminar will be co-sponsored by the Modern History Research Center and Archives (the PHP's Chinese associate) and the School of International Relations, both at Peking University, and the Center for Archival Studies of the Institute for the Study of the History of the Communist Party of China.

The documents are available in facsimile on the Parallel History Project website,, and the Cold War International History Project website, English translations of some of the documents [to be added in the near future] have been provided by Karen Riechert, through the CWIHP, and by Viorel Nicolae Buta through the PHP.

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