The Environment, Development, and Sustainable Peace Initiative, a joint project of Adelphi Research, the National University of Costa Rica, and ECSP, has recently published the following papers:

Regional Water Cooperation as Confidence Building: Water Management as a Strategy for Peace
by Aaron T. Wolf
EDSP Working Paper No. 1
ISBN: 3-9809591-0-4
Download screen version (low resolution, 420 KB) here
Download ebook version (print version, 780 KB) here

Environmental Conflicts and Regional Cooperation in the Lempa River Basin: The Role of Central America´s Plan Trifinio
by Alexander López
EDSP Working Paper No. 2
ISBN: 3-9809591-1-2
Download screen version (low resolution, 400 KB) here
Download ebook version (print version, 850 KB) here

Environmental Cooperation and Conflict Prevention at the World Summit on Sustainable Development
by Dennis Tänzler, Geoffrey D. Dabelko, Alexander Carius
EDSP Working Paper No. 4
ISBN: 3-9809591-3-9
Download screen version (low resolution, 427 KB) here
Download ebook version (print version, 941 KB) here