NPIHP is pleased to announce the launch of a new blog by 2012 Nuclear Boot Camp participant Steven Leech.

Apprehending the Unseen "explores the changing relationship of comunities to particular environments as they are transformed by the introduction, and eventual redundancy, of Cold War surveillance technologies.' The blog and larger research project are funded by an Arts and Humanities Council Block Grant Partnership, and are based on an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates archeology, ethnogrophy, antrhopology, sociology, and archival research.

Steven Leech is a doctoral student at the University of Manchester. He received his BA with honors in ancient history and archaeology and his MA in archaeology with distinction, both from the University of Manchester. His research interests include the Cold War, nuclear/radioactive materials, materiality/intangibility, cultural heritage, anthropology of the senses, human and non-human agency, sound studies, art as research practice (especially sound art), materiality of rituals and religion, as well as the relationship between policy, discourse and practice.

Visit Approaching the Unseen for regular updates on the research project.