CWIHP is pleased to announce the publication of the latest addition to the CWIHP e-Dossier Series: Assessing the Damage: The June 1967 Czech Delegation to Egypt, by Guy Laron.

Guy Laron, a post-doctoral fellow at Tel-Aviv University introduces a document he obtained from the National Czech Archive in Prague which provides new insights into Czech perceptions of Egypt's defeat in the June 1967 Six-Day War with Israel.

Following Egypt's defeat, high-level delegations from all over the Eastern bloc hurried to Cairo to support Gamal Abd al-Nasser's pro-Soviet regime. Because of Czechoslovakia's strong connections with the Egyptian army, the Czechoslovak delegation attempted to learn how the Egyptians-supplied and trained by the Soviet Union-had been so easily defeated by the Israelis.

Laron's commentary explores their report from a historical perspective, and shows how this new evidence fits into, and even alters, the current historiography of the June 1967 War.

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