News Busters, 10/2/2012

As of 2 PM ET, various searches at the national web site of the Associated Press, aka the Administration's Press (on "furious"; on "Univision"), Reuters ("furious"; "fast and furious"; "univision"), and United Press International ("furious"; "Univision") indicate that the three wire services have given no coverage to reports from Univision exposing the wider geographic scope and far more fatal fallout of the deliberately untrackable guns-to-cartels operation known as Fast and Furious.

I wonder how the leading U.S. Spanish network's broadcasters and audience feel about getting the same treatment the establishment press gives center-right blogs? (A lengthy yet partial transcript of Univision's broadcast with details which will shock all but those who have immersed themselves in the evolving scandal follows the jump.)

(Andrew Selee of the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington alleges that) everything seems to suggest that the Mexican government knew at an operative level about Fast and Furious. They had agents in law enforcement who did know that they weren't all that they were consulted sometimes, but there were never any diplomatic communications about it.