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Ongoing Protests in Brazil

Brazil Institute

The Brazil Institute follows the ongoing protests in Brazil.

Ongoing Protests in Brazil

This section will offer continuous coverage of the ongoing protests and demontrations taking place throughout Brazil.

Paulo Sotero appears in an interview with Club de Prensa.

Paulo Sotero was interviewed by the Wilson Center's Context on the protests. 

In a short piece written for the Brazil Institute's Brazil Portal, director Sotero links the ongoing protests and the mensalão corruption trials. 

Paulo Sotero spoke with CNI English on the ongoing protests, and told ABC Univision that the "protests are likely to go on", and spoke with VOA's Foro Interamericano.

Paulo Sotero was interviewed by Global Observatory on the ongoing protests in Brazil. In the interiew, Sotero commented that "people in powe rare really ignoring the common man's plight, and I think that is what made this thing boil over."

Paulo Sotero was recently interviewed by CRJ English on the developing protests, and was featured in the Inter-American Dialogue's Latin America Advisor.

Paulo Sotero, director of the Brazil Institute, wrote an article that was published on the top of Financial Times homepage on the Brazilian government’s recent attempts to quell protests throughout the country. Sotero also wrote a piece as the protests unfolded over the proposed transportation hike and the increase in the size and scope of the demonstrations. The same article was also mentioned in The Australian.

The growing price tag of the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 2014 has been a rallying cry for protestors, as Sotero mentions in a radio interview with KCRW, and was also mentioned in Tiroler Tageszeitung Online.

Making note of what have been the largest organized demonstrations in over two decades, Sotero discussed with The Wall Street Journal on the how the economic factors have rallied protestors. He also appeared in Bloomberg’s “Taking Stock” to discuss the motivations behind the protests. Sotero is also quoted in this article from The Miami Herald on the rise of the middle-class, and sits down with Ian Masters to discuss the recent developments, and was also interviewed by the Italian newspaper OGGI Continenti

As the demonstrations progress Sotero talked with Radio Free Europe from São Paulo to discuss the growing dissatisfaction with corruption and lack of infrastructure. Sotero also spoke with the BBC and BBC Radio 4 on the motivations behind the protests and what has sparked such widespread demonstrations throughout the country.

Continue checking in regularly for new developments...

Image courtesy of flickr user Semilla Luz

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