A majority of Tunisians, 51 percent, believe Islamic principles should be considered when making policy or law, according to a new survey by the International Republican Institute. And some 16 percent of respondents think Islamic texts “should form the foundations of all policy and law making.” But 28 percent of Tunisians prefer religion be “completely absent” from government decision making or that religious views not provide justification for policies or laws.

            Tunisians are largely split in their support for Islamist or secular parties. And many are undecided about what party they will vote for in the next election. About 20 percent intend to vote for the secular Nidaa Tounes (Call of Tunis) party and 14 percent intend to vote for the Islamist party Ennahda. But some 39 percent are undecided. The following graphs are from the survey, conducted in February 2014.

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