The Woodrow Wilson Center Mexico Institute and the Consejo Mexicano de
Asuntos Internacionales are pleased to welcome Dr. Jesús Velasco Grajales, one of two scholars for the second year of the Mexico Public Policy Scholars Program sponsored by the two institutions.

During the period of his six-months residency, Dr. Velasco will work on his own research project and be available to participate in conferences, seminars and meetings while in Washington. Dr. Jacqueline Peschard will join the Wilson Center in January 2005.

Dr. Jesús Velasco Grajales
Professor, CIDE
Research Project: "The Influence of Neo-Conservatism on American Foreign Policy during the Reagan and George W. Bush Administrations."
Period of Residency: July 1-December 31, 2004
The Mexico Public Policy Scholars Program seeks to promote awareness of Mexico and U.S.-Mexico relations in the United States, provide Mexican academics, policymakers, and journalists with first-hand exposure to the U.S. policy process; and strengthen scholarship on Mexico and U.S.-Mexican relations.

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