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Recipient of the Bolch Prize Chief Judge Emeritus J. Clifford Wallace Began His Life-long Work at the Wilson Center

The Bolch Prize for the Rule of Law is an annually awarded prize highlighting outstanding change makers who have demonstrated an extraordinary dedication to the rule of law and advancing rule of law principles. The 2022 recipient of the Bolch Prize will be Chief Judge Emeritus J. Clifford Wallace, a proud alumnus of the Wilson Center. Judge Wallace got started on what has been a life-long effort to improve the administration and promotion of the rule of law as a summer scholar with the Wilson Center in 1976. During his time at the Center, Judge Wallace studied the basic problems of judicial administration and his work innovated the Ninth Circuit as well as transformed courts across the nation.

Over this course of his career, Judge Wallace has travelled throughout the United States and to more than seventy countries working with foreign governments and judiciaries to improve structures, solutions, and efforts for diversity and gender equity in the application of the rule of law. Judge Wallace’s career and character is respected globally, and his engagement is unrelenting. He hopes to facilitate a conference in the Middle East with chief judges in the region prior to turning 100 and entering retirement.

Judge Wallace’s work as an educator and advisor exemplifies the values and mission of the Wilson Center. The Bolch Judicial Insitute’s Advisory Board in honoring Judge Wallace recognize his commitment to ensuring that, globally, judicial systems operate promptly and equitably. Chief Judge Emeritus J. Clifford Wallace will be honored at the Bolch Prize ceremony in March 2022 at Duke Law School.