Washington, D.C.---Lee H. Hamilton, director of the , announced today the appointment of Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan as a Senior Policy Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center.

Senator Moynihan will begin his appointment at the Woodrow Wilson Center upon his retirement from the Unites States Senate in January 2001. A strong supporter of the Woodrow Wilson Center, Senator Moynihan crafted the legislation that created the Center in 1968 and was appointed by President Lyndon Johnson as the first Vice Chairman of the Center's Board of Trustees. He also was the principal moving force behind the construction of the Ronald Reagan Building, which both completed the historic redevelopment of Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. and provided a fitting permanent home for the Center.

"We are extremely pleased that Senator Moynihan will join our Center," said Hamilton. "Our mission is to bridge the world of policy and the world of public affairs. Perhaps no one in this generation embodies that mission better than Senator Moynihan."

"I am delighted to accept the appointment with the Woodrow Wilson Center," said Moynihan. "Charles Blitzer and I got the idea going in the early 1960s. Our theme was both simple and grand. We proposed 'an institution of learning that the 22nd century will regard as having influenced the 21st.' The 21st century is now about to commence; and with Lee Hamilton's inspired leadership, we seem to be on our way. I will be dividing my time between Washington and the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. Whence I came to Washington these forty years ago."