On 19 April 2013 the prime ministers of Kosovo and Serbia, Hashim Thaci and Ivica Dacic, signed an agreement in the tenth round of negotiations, sponsored by European Union Foreign Policy Chief Baroness Catherine Ashton. The negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia had begun earlier in 2011 on technical issues which had been resolved positively. These included: free trade, recognizing customs stamps, recognizing university degrees, civil registries, freedom of movement, integrated border management, and how Kosovo is to be referred to in international conferences. But the technical issues were dependent on the overall political agreement.

Frances Trix, Wilson Center fellow and professor of linguistics and anthropology at Indiana University, discusses the history, principles and implementation of the Agreement in a guest column for Informed Comment - THOUGHTS ON THE MIDDLE EAST, HISTORY AND RELIGION. The full text of Trix's analysis can be read here.