I was briefed over the weekend on the situation in Bahrain and am pleased that the State Department has expressed deep concern and taken swift action to meet with Nabeel Rajab and to urge a full investigation.  I placed a call earlier today to Bahrain’s Ambassador to discuss Mr. Rajab’s status and hope to speak with her soon.

Nabeel Rajab is a courageous human rights activist.  I had the opportunity to meet him in December when he was in Washington to receive the Wilson Center’s prestigious Ratiu Democracy Award, and his safety and well-being are of huge personal concern.  We look forward to welcoming Mr. Rajab to the Wilson Center again later this year.

I urge the Government of Bahrain to demonstrate its concern for Mr. Rajab’s health and well-being as part of its efforts to assure the international community of its commitment to basic human rights and democratic reform.