We are pleased to announce that former Wilson Center fellow Stephen Clarkson is the co-recipient of the Seyomour Martin Lipset Award for best book on Canadian politics. Clarkson’s book, “Does North America Exist?: Governing the Continent After NAFTA and 9/11,″ (2008) received the award with Janet Ajzenstat (for her book, “The Canadian Founding” [2007])  from the American Political Science Association.

Does North America Exist? presents a thorough history of North America’s political economy through an analysis of the effects of NAFTA’s institutional changes post 9/11. Clarkson examines how structural changes to security policies have allowed the United States to excel as the continent’s authority in border governance, and addresses the repercussions of this role as it relates to North American relations.  Clarkson’s work explores how economic and political influence has been transferred between the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and its effect on our understanding of international relations.