The German Historical Institute in Washington D.C. has just published its
new up to date reference guide 'The GDR in German Archives'. Featuring
central, state, church and specialized archives as well as information on
major research institutions and libraries, this publication provides a
helpful first orientation and overview on sources pertaining to the history
of the Soviet Zone of Occupation and the German Democratic Republic.
All 60 entries include, so far as possible, addresses, phone and fax
numbers, web sites and e-mail addresses, the names of institutions' heads
and contact persons, and opening hours. Each entry provides a description of
the relevant holdings for historical research on the period between 1945 and
The guide has been co-edited by Bernd Schaefer (GHI Washington), Henning
Hoff (University of Cologne) and Ulrich Maehlert (Foundation for the
Reappraisal of the SED Dictatorship, Berlin) and is available free of charge
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