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In this edition of Wilson Center NOW we are joined by Danielle Neighbour, Schwarzman Fellow at the Kissinger Institute and China Environment Forum. She discusses how the US-China trade war is shifting the balance of how water is exchanged between the two nations and how “virtual water” plays a significant role in the global goods trade.


Danielle Neighbour is the Schwarzman Fellow at the Kissinger Institute and China Environment Forum, where she researches wastewater treatment, water recycling, and environmental policy. She recently graduated with a Master’s of Global Affairs from Tsinghua University’s Schwarzman Scholars program in Beijing, China. She is also a proud alumna of the University of Arkansas, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. A Truman Scholar, Danielle is passionate about increasing global access to clean and safe water. She has developed water systems in Ecuador's indigenous villages, evaluated rainwater catchment techniques in Vietnam, and researched water purification methods for disaster relief in developing urban areas. Within the United States water sector, she has worked and interned with non-profits, private organizations, and the government, including Xylem, Incorporated and the U.S. Department of State.


John Milewski is the executive producer and managing editor of Wilson Center NOW and also serves as director of Wilson Center ON DEMAND digital programming.

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