NPIHP's investigators, senior advisors, research partners, and many of its Nulcear Boot Camp alumni were featured at ETH Zürich's conference on "The Making of a Nuclear Order: Negotiating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty," organized by the Center for Security Studies (CSS) in association with NPIHP.


The conference took place over two days in Ittingen, Switzerland and together NPIHP's scholars to discuss the history of the NPT in an international context. The conference was followed by an NPIHP partners meeting, hosted by the CSS in Zürich.

Panels included:
  • "Europe and the NPT" chaired by Francis Gavin

  • "Opposition to the NPT" chaired by Jan Ruzicka

  • "The NPT and Asia" charied by Anna-Mart van Wyk

  • "Assessing the State of the New Nuclear History" charied by Andreas Wenger

  • "Divergent Approaches to the Emerging Regime" charied by Liviu Horovitz

  • "Forging a Nonproliferation Regime" chaired by David Holloway