The staff and scholars of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars welcome the 2006-2007 class of fellows. The 23 fellows, most of whom will arrive in September 2006 to spend an academic year in residence at the Center, will include scholars and practitioners from the United States, Bolivia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Egypt, India, Poland, Tanzania, and Turkey.

"We're so pleased to have such a distinguished group of men and women joining us this fall," said Hamilton. "They represent a variety of disciplines, topics, nationalities, and viewpoints. I have no doubt they will add to the richness of thought and dialogue here at the Wilson Center."

The fellows are listed below with the projects they will pursue during their Wilson Center residency.

Adams, Gordon. Professor of the Practice of International Affairs, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University. "Buying National Security: Transforming the U.S. Resource Planning Process"

Bilgin, Pinar. Assistant Professor of International Relations, Bilkent University, Turkey.
"Globalization and Security in the Developing World: The Case of Turkey"

Connelly, Matthew. Associate Professor of History, Columbia University.
"The Problem of Prevision"

Dettke, Dieter. Executive Director, Washington Office, Friedrich Ebert Foundation. "In Search of Normalcy: Germany's Defense and Security Policy Between Realpolitik and the Civilian Power Paradigm"

Dickson, Bruce. Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, The George Washington University. "Turning Wealth into Power: The Evolving Political Influence of China's ‘Red Capitalists'"

Dwyer, Kevin. Professor of Anthropology, American University in Cairo, Egypt.
"Egyptian "Selves," Western "Others," and Egyptian Political Cartoons: Journalism, Art, and Humor in the Public Sphere"

Frankel, Francine. Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania.
"Challenges of Establishing an Indo-U.S. Global Partnership: the Broader Historical and Cultural Framework"

Hartmann, Susan. Professor of History, Ohio State University. "Gender and the Transformation of American Politics since World War II"

Heinrich, Andreas. Researcher, Koszalin Institute of Comparative European Studies, Poland. "Eurasian Pipeline Politics: Conflict and Cooperation"

Kupchan, Charles. Professor of International Affairs, Georgetown University. "The Sources of Stable Peace"

Kurien, Prema. Associate Professor of Sociology, Syracuse University.
"Contemporary Ethnic Lobbies: Asian Indian-Americans on the Hill"

Larson, Brooke. Professor of History, Stony Brook University. "Aymara Indians and the Lettered City: Struggles over Power, Knowledge, and Identity in the Bolivian Andes"

Mayorga, René. Professor of Political Science, Centro Boliviano de Estudios Multidisciplinarios (CEBEM), Bolivia. "Weak States and Institutional Reforms in the Andean Region"

McClintock, Cynthia. Professor of Political Science, The George Washington University.
"The Majority Runoff Presidential-Election Rule in Latin America"

Ottaway, David. Investigative Reporter/Foreign Correspondent, The Washington Post. "Remaking of the U.S.-Saudi Alliance: The Bandar Years and Beyond"

Perdue, Theda. Professor of History, University of North Carolina. "Indians in the Segregated South"

Peyrouse, Sebastien. Consulting Expert on Central Asia, Zones Grises.
"Islam and Politics in Post-Soviet Central Asia: A Response to Globalization"

Rajagopal, Arvind. Associate Professor of Sociology and Communications, New York
University. "Publicity and Religious Violence in Gujarat"

Rugumamu, Severine Mushamba. Professor of Development Studies, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. "Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities"

Sherman, Nancy. Professor of Philosophy, Georgetown University. "The War Within: Inside the Hearts, Minds, and Souls of Our Soldiers"

Vaughan, Olufemi. Professor of History and Africana Studies, Stony Brook University. "Islam, Christianity, and Indigenous Religions in the Formation of the Modern West African State"

Wong, Janelle. Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Southern California, Los Angeles. "Immigration, Religion, and Conservative Politics in America"

Yahuda, Michael. Professor Emeritus of International Relations, London School of Economics; Visiting Scholar, The George Washington University. "Sino-Japanese Relations and their Implications for the United States"

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