In light of the unparalleled interest around the world in the outcome of the 2008 U. S. presidential election, the staff of the Woodrow Wilson Center's Latin American Program has prepared a collection of policy statements from the campaigns of Senators John McCain and Barack Obama on a series of topics relevant to Latin America. This compendium covers the following topics: Free Trade and Development; The War on Drugs and Hemispheric Security; Human Rights; Mexico; Immigration; Democratic Governance, Populism, and the "New Left"; and Cuba. Latin American Program staff have written brief introductions for each topic. The document then includes relevant excerpts from debates, interviews, official policy statements, articles, etc. Wherever possible, we have provided a link to the original statement. We will continue to update this collection throughout the remaining weeks of the presidential campaign.

Table of Contents
Free Trade and Development
The War on Drugs and Hemispheric Security
Human Rights
Democratic Governance, Populism and the "New Left"
Appendix: Hillary Clinton
Media Resources

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