• Rwanda, Uganda Conscripted HIV-Positive Fighters To Spread HIV During War With D.R.C., Report Says (08/15/2006)
    Rwanda and Uganda between 1998 and 1999 conscripted about 2,000 HIV-positive fighters to rape women and children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to spread the virus during their wars with the country, according to a report released by McMaster University professor Ed Mills and Johns Hopkins University professor Jean Nachega at the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto, the Toronto Star reports.

  • Clinton Urges Wider Look at AIDS (08/16/2006) note: subscription required
    Former US President Bill Clinton has said AIDS is a problem affecting many people indirectly because of migration and interdependence among countries.

  • Migrants, Mobile Populations and Refugees: Key Challenges (08/17/2006)