In this edition of Wilson Center NOW we speak with Robert Litwak, author of the new book,Nuclear Crises with North Korea and Iran: From Transformational to Transactional Diplomacy.” Litwak explains how the ongoing nuclear impasses with both North Korea and Iran reflect a continuing tension in U.S. policy between two diplomatic approaches: the transactional, focused narrowly on the discrete nuclear challenge; and the transformational, comprehensively addressing a regimes’ objectionable behavior.


Robert S. Litwak is senior vice president and director of international security studies at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Dr. Litwak is also a consultant to the Los Alamos National Laboratory. He served on the National Security Council staff as director for nonproliferation in the first Clinton administration. He was an adjunct professor in the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and has held visiting fellowships at Harvard University’s Center for International Affairs, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Oxford University. Dr. Litwak is author of Rogue States and U.S Foreign PolicyOutlier States, and most recently, Preventing North Korea’s Nuclear BreakoutIran’s Nuclear Chess, and Deterring Nuclear Terrorism. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. 


John Milewski is the executive producer and managing editor of Wilson Center NOW and also serves as director of Wilson Center ON DEMAND digital programming.