During the Cold War, the so-called Central Sector was the most significant potential battle area in Europe. A large number of states in the West and East prepared for the eventuality of a military confrontation in that area. The security policy and strategic aspects of the East-West conflict have already been extensively researched, reported and analysed. However, international research into the military-operational level is still in its infancy. Although various national studies have been conducted in this field, a more integrated multinational approach is, to date, still lacking.

Precisely for the reason that all preparations in the West and East were geared to combined warfare, the Netherlands Institute of Military History, in cooperation with the Militärgeschichtliches Forschungsamt, has organised a conference focusing on that theme; a first step to bridging this gap in military history. During the conference, the operational level will be the point of focus. A number of international leading military historians will give presentations on subjects such as perception of the enemy, intelligence, operational plans, logistic planning, training, exercises and mobilisation.

Participation in the two-day conference costs EUR 75 (including coffee and tea, lunch on days 1 and 2, drinks and dinner on day 1 and drinks on day 2). For more information, please visit the conference website for registration and contact information.