William Krist, a senior policy scholar with the Environmental Change and Security Program at the Wilson Center, published an op-ed in the Oct. 19, 2005 edition of the Washington Times. In "Rx for Trade Policy," Krist calls for an end to the current era of trade legislation, which he believes is mired in partisanship and pork barrel politics. Krist also promotes trade policies that will regain the support of environmental groups that once backed trade agreements like NAFTA, but now have fallen silent for fear that new policies could overturn certain environmental regulations. A prescription for the United States' ailing trade policy, he writes, could result from the multilateral agreements currently being negotiated in Geneva. Known as the Doha Round, the negotiations could lead to policy that promotes freer and fairer trade, and includes provisions to protect the environment.

Krist is the author of the research report Making Doha a Developmental Round, which reviews developing countries' demands that the United States, the European Union, and other developed countries open their agricultural markets and reduce trade-distorting subsidies.

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