WASHINGTON— Lee H. Hamilton, director of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, has announced, on behalf of the Fellowship Committee of the Board of Trustees, the appointment of 22 fellows—13 men and 9 women—for the 2002-2003 academic year. The new fellows, who include scholars and practitioners from the United States, Argentina, Canada, China, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Switzerland, and Turkey, represent a variety of disciplines, professions, topics, nationalities and viewpoints.

The 42nd class of fellows, who will spend an academic year in residence at the Center beginning September 2002, are listed here with the titles of the projects they will pursue.

FELLOWS FOR 2002-2003

Ahrens, Geert. Ambassador; Head of OSCE Presence in Albania, European Union. "Prevention of War: Mediation in Yugoslavia's Ethnic Conflicts."

Armony, Ariel. Assistant Professor of Government, Colby College. "The ‘Serpent's Egg': Civil Society's Dark Side."

Boyd, Carolyn. Professor of History, University of California, Irvine. "Contesting the Nation: The Politics of Commemoration in Spain, 1820-1930."

Clark, Ann Marie. Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Purdue University. "International Human Rights and the Gap Between Words and Deeds."

Golosov, Grigorii. Associate Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, European University at St. Petersburg. "Rootless Grass: Party Politics in the Regions of Russia."

Gulalp, Haldun, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Bogazici University. "Globalization and Politics of Identity: Political Islam in Turkey."

Guyer, Jane. Professor of Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University. "Governance and Livelihood: An African Understanding of Economies in Turbulence."

Hanhimaki, Jussi. Professor of International History and Politics, Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland. "Triangular Diplomacy and Regional Conflict: Re-evaluating the Kissinger Years."

Harley, Sharon. Associate Professor, Afro-American Studies, University of Maryland. "Dignity and Damnation: Gender, Work, and Citizenship in African-American Communities, 1865-1995."

Hendley, Kathryn. Professor of Law and Political Science, University of Wisconsin- Madison. "Revitalizing Law: An Analysis of the Role of Law in Russian Enterprises."

Ichilov, Orit. Professor, School of Education, Tel Aviv University, Israel "Citizenship Orientation and Citizenship Education in a Deeply Divided Society: The Case of Israel."

Joseph, Peniel. Assistant Professor of History, University of Rhode Island. "Waiting Till the Midnight Hour: The Black Power Movement, 1955-1975."

King, Stephen. Assistant Professor of Government, Georgetown University. "Authoritarian Reconfiguration and Democratic Prospects in Egypt, Syria, and Tunisia."

Krementsov, Nikolai. Senior Researcher, St. Petersburg Branch, Institute for the History of Science. "Nationalistic Internationalism: Science and International Politics between the World Wars."

Laquian, Aprodicio. Professor Emeritus, School of Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia. "Beyond Metropolis: Planning and Governance of Asia's Mega-Urban Regions."

Li, Cheng. Professor of Government, Hamilton College. "Techno-Nationalism vs. Techno-Globalism: Choices for China's Fourth Generation Leaders."

Osirim, Mary. Associate Professor of Sociology and Co-Director, The Center for Ethnicities, Bryn Mawr College. "Enterprising Women: Identity, Entrepreneurship and Civil Society in Urban Zimbabwe."

Quiroz, Alfonso. Professor, Department of History, Baruch College and Graduate School, City University of New York. "Curbing Global Corruption: The Economic and Institutional Costs of Corruption in Peru."

Roth, Rachel. Assistant Professor of Political Science and Women's Studies, Washington University. "Under Lock and Key: Women's Reproductive Rights in U.S. Jails and Prisons."

Schamis, Hector. Assistant Professor, Department of Government, Cornell University. "Democratic Capitalism and the State in Eastern Europe and Latin America."

Shambaugh, David. Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, George Washington University; Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution. "Hanging On: The Chinese Communist Party Since the Collapse of Global Communism."

Szalai, Julia. Professor, Institute of Sociology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. "Politics of Recognition or Retribution? The Gypsy Question and the Making of the Post Communist Welfare State."

In 1968, Congress established the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars as a living memorial to Woodrow Wilson, the 28 th president of the United States. Commemorating Wilson's service to the nation, the Center is a nonpartisan institution of advanced study that promotes scholarship in public affairs. The Wilson Center convenes the thinkers and the doers, scholars and policymakers, in the confident hope that through shared research and dialogue, better understanding and better policy will emerge.