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Wilson Center Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Wilson Center is honored to celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and contributions that Hispanic and Latino communities have woven into the fabric of our nation. This year's theme, “Latinos: Driving Prosperity, Power, and Progress in America,” reminds us of the enduring resilience, unwavering determination, and remarkable achievements that have propelled Hispanic and Latino individuals and communities forward.

From the arts to science, business to politics, and every corner of American society, Hispanic and Latino leaders and innovators continue to inspire us with their creativity, intellect, and dedication. Their stories of success and their commitment to building a better future for all are a testament to the power of diversity and inclusion.

We all know that America is stronger, both here at home and on the world stage, when we harness the strength of every voice and every community that makes up our nation.

It is the Wilson Center’s mission to unite the world of ideas to the world of policy and one way we accomplish that is by celebrating the diversity of our community.