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The Wilson Center Stands for the Humanity, Dignity, and Civil Rights of All

Woodrow Wilson Center Memorial Hallway
Woodrow Wilson Center Memorial Hallway

Today, as always, the Wilson Center stands for the rule of law, equity and freedom — internally and around the world. We condemn the unlawful actions taking place here and throughout the country and world during this critical time. 

Congress established the Wilson Center more than a half-century ago as a living memorial to Woodrow Wilson, drawing on his belief that people of ideas and people of political action can learn from each other through thoughtful, non-partisan dialogue about the pressing issues of the day.  Deliberative discourse based on knowledge among those of different viewpoints, beliefs, and backgrounds has stood at the core of the Center’s values since that founding.

So too has the humanity, dignity, and civil rights of all — a core principle necessary for achieving meaningful dialogue. The Center is a diverse family and our collective hearts break at the fabric of our country being torn apart. Our goal is to continue to work to ensure that the rule of law applies to all.