Polls show Marina Silva leads in Brazil's presidential race

CCTV America, 08/28/2014
Paulo Sotero commentates on the rise of Marina Silva. For additional commentary about Marina's rise, read Sotero's September 2014 article, "Marina's rise, not unforeseen, changed the outlook of Brazil's October presidential elections."

The 2014 Brazil Elections: The current situtation

Council on Hemispheric Affairs, 08/18/2014
Paulo Sotero comments on Brazil's electoral process and how the World Cup did not guarantee the reelection of current President Dilma Rousseff.

In 4 Numbers, How Fatal Jet Crash Impacts Brazil's Politics

NBC News, 08/14/2014
Paulo Sotero lamented the news of Eduardo Campos' death and predicted Marina Silva will step up as the PSB's primary candidate as a result.

The unique culture and challenges of the world indigenous population

CCTV America, 08/14/2014
Paulo Sotero appeared on CCTV America's segment to comment on Brazil's indigenous population and the problems they face.

Increased Brazil-Russia Trade Could Antagonize the West - Expert

RIA Novosti, 8/13/2014
Paulo Sotero discusses the economic relationship between BRICS countries and how they are exacerbated by the West. 

Analysis: Japan shows unprecedented ambition and vigor since the Second World War [Portuguese]

Folha de S. Paulo, 8/4/2014
Wilson Center Scholar Carlos Eduardo Lins da Silva authors this piece for Folha de S. Paulo on Japan’s unusual participation in foreign relations with its recent visit to Brazil.

Sotero: From big to great, Brazil is on the rise

The Chautauquan Daily, 8/1/2014
Paulo Sotero’s participation in the Chautauqua Institution’s lecture series is summarized and includes quotes from his speech.