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2023: The Year Ahead in Asia

The Asia Program and Korea Center look ahead in a new Wilson Center publication "On the Horizon: What to Watch in 2023."

Each year, the Wilson Center gathers their experts to look forward to the next twelve months and say what they think the most critical challenges are facing the United States in their region. The newly released On the Horizon | What to Watch in 2023 features commentary that covers the entire globe, including contributions from the Asia Program and Korea Center staff.

Click the links below to read their analysis and predictions for the coming year including continuing missile tests in North Korea, China's growing military and economic threat, and more.

Kishida and Biden


Asia Program staff Dr. Sue Mi Terry, Shihoko Goto, Michael Kugelman, and Lucas Myers discuss three things to watch in Asia in the coming year.

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Kim Jong Un


The Korea Center's Dr. Sue Mi Terry and Kayla Orta detail the challenge the U.S. faces from more and escalating missile tests in North Korea. They also look at three other key areas to watch in 2023.

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On the Horizon | What to Watch in 2023

Explore the full publication and learn what Wilson experts are watching in 2023.

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