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Carlos Ayres Britto Says "Caixa Dois" is Corruption

In a recent interview with Globo, Carlos Ayres Britto, former president of the Brazilian Supreme Court (STF) and the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), maintained that the use of Caixa Dois (unreported political donations), is an attack against the Constitution and that any discussion about amnesty is “inconceivable.” He stressed that the constitutional principle of equality before the law must be applied, even to those  running for office and contended that Caixa Dois tips the scale in favor of those who use it, therefore favoring those candidates with financial means and connections and making the process unfair. Ayeres Britto asserted that he would not make a distinction between Caixa Dois and corruption, and that in his opinion, it is a crime. He also argued that the idea behind amnesty was certainly not to favor members of the government.

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