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New Poder360 Survey Reveals Voters’ Thoughts as Lava Jato Continues to Unfold

A new national survey by Poder 360 on voting intentions in the 2018 presidential elections found that, under the scenarios posed by DataPoder 360, former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of the Worker’s Party (PT) would have 25 percent of intended votes, while frontrunner of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party João Doria would receive 13 percent of intended votes. Yet the survey also revealed Doria is the least-known presidential hopeful—with 53 percent of the voters unfamiliar with the current mayor of São Paulo—and that former President Lula has the second highest rejection rate at 59 percent. Some 62 percent of Brazilians said “honesty” was the most important characteristic of a presidential contender, and 78 percent said that someone accused of a taking a bribe should not be elected.


Poder 360 is an innovative digital news site committed to bringing readers non-partisan analysis on a scope of political issues representing public interest. The company, based in Brasilia, is composed of over 20 journalists and is financially independent. Poder360’s current iteration was launched in November 2016, but the site’s origins date back to the weekly newsletter its founder and journalist Fernando Rodrigues started in 2000, making Poder360, according to its website, the oldest continuous digital journalism operation dedicated to politics and “power” issues in Brazil. In a recent interview with the Knight Center, Rodrigues affirmed that "[good] journalism never dies. The Brazilian reader has never been so interested in matters related to power and politics. For Poder360 and Drive, it is worth it.”


To access the complete survey click here.


(Image by George Gianni via Wikimedia)

Camilla Velloso was a Staff Intern at the Brazil Institute from September 2016 - May 2017.
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