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The Relaunch of the Brazil Caucus in the US Congress

Today marked the official relaunch of the Brazil Caucus in the US Congress, a significant step forward in strengthening Brazil’s legislative advocacy and presence in the United States. The relaunch was anchored in a strong partnership with the Brazilian Embassy in Washington.

After a hiatus that followed its dissolution in early 2023, the caucus’s reactivation in September was a prelude to today’s formal revival. This concerted effort aims to reinvigorate Brazil’s engagement within the intricate political fabric of the US, navigating through the polarized climate to enhance bilateral relations and interests.

The caucus’s leadership epitomizes political diversity, with Democrat Sydney Kamlager-Dove from California and Republican Lance Gooden from Texas at the helm. Their leadership, forged through shared interests in Brazil and facilitated by Ambassador Maria Luiza Viotti, is a testament to the power of diplomacy in bridging ideological divides. 

Last year, Congresswoman Kamlager-Dove’s involvement in a Congressional Dialogue on the Amazon, organized by our team, deepened US-Brazil relations on the environmental front. On the occasion, Brazilian Congresswoman Goreth Sousa emphasized the need to consider the quality of life of the Amazonian population when discussing forest preservation. US Congresswoman Kamlager-Dove stressed the responsibility of the US Congress to appropriate funds for climate initiatives, including President Biden’s $500 million pledge to the Amazon Fund.  

At the heart of the caucus’s agenda lies the pursuit of Congressional approval for the American pledge to the Amazon Fund. The effort underscores the challenges at the intersection of environmental policy, international diplomacy, and domestic politics, with the energy transition also highlighted as a crucial focus area.

The revitalized Brazil Caucus stands as a beacon of dialogue and cooperation as we celebrate 200 years of diplomatic ties between Brazil and the US. Its success in overcoming political divisions and advancing mutual interests is crucial for shaping the future of our bilateral relations.

We are committed to closely monitoring the caucus’s developments and activities and are ready to explore avenues for engagement and collaboration.

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