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“Every Latin Americanist will welcome the insight provided by this book into Latin America’s complex heterogeneity.”—Mario J. Valdés, University of Toronto

“The anthology gives scholars intelligently argued, well-supported, and novel approaches in the search for the origins and spread of nationalism.”—Histoire Sociale - Social History

“This collection of essays is essential reading for all who work on questions of ‘reading’ and ‘writing’ the nation in Latin America.”—William G. Acree, Jr., Hispanofila

“An excellent volume for historians and literary scholars… all those interested in the process leading to the construction of nations in Latin America, as well as the multitudes of those who have been captivated by Anderson’s groundbreaking work, will find the volume most rewarding.”—May E. Bletz, Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Chapter List

Introduction: Beyond Imagined Communities
John Charles Chasteen

1. Forms of Communication, Political Spaces, and Cultural Identities in the Creation of Spanish American Nations
François-Xavier Guerra

2. Argentine Counterpoint: Rise of the Nation, Rise of the State
Tulio Halperin Donghi

3. Letters and Salons: Women Reading and Writing the Nation
Sarah C. Chambers

4. Student Culture and Nation-State Formation
Andrew J. Kirkendall

5. Scenes of Reading: Imagining Nations/Romancing History in Spanish America
Fernando Unzueta

6. The Nation in Ruins: Archaeology and the Rise of the Nation
Sara Castro-Klarén

7. An Amnesic Nation: The Erasure of Indigenous Pasts by Uruguayan Expert Knowledges
Gustavo Verdesio

8. Showcases of Consumption: Historical Panoramas and Universal Expositions
Beatriz González-Stephan

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