Winston Churchill had an acute appreciation of what belongs to war and what belongs to peace. We tend to remember his resistance to Nazi tyranny during the Second World War and his actions as a man of war. In this book, scholars from the United States, Great Britain, and South Africa examine his other actions and comments, those that reflect the primary focus of Churchill’s long career: his attempts to keep and restore peace throughout the world, from Queen Victoria’s little wars to the Cold War.


James W. Muller

1. The Enigma
Robert Rhodes James

2. A Contrarian’s Approach to Peace
Manfred Weidhorn

3. The Peaceful Purposes of Empire
Kirk Emmert

4. The River War
Paul A. Rahe

5. Peace and Two Wars: South Africa
S. Burridge Spies

6. The Aftermath of the Great War
James W. Muller

7. Domestic Conflict: The Case of Ireland
Paul Addison

8. Palestine and Zionism
Douglas J. Feith

9. Peaceful Thoughts and Warring Adventures
J. C. Powers

10. From Yalta to Bermuda and Beyond
Martin Gilbert


“…a most important beginning for adding yet another descriptor to the life and public career of Winston S. Chruchill.”—William K. Hall, Perspectives on Political Science