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“This is a very well researched and highly successful effort to assess the role of the media in Eastern Europe’s transitions from authoritarian, Leninist regimes to open societies. The book adds significantly to the current understanding of the post-Communist political cultures as hybrid phenomena, including elements of democratic participation and emerging pluralism, but also residual forms of Communist and pre-Communist mentalities.”—Vladimir Tismaneanu, University of Maryland

“This volume delves thoughtfully into the complex nature of the interrelationships of media, civil society, political culture, and democratization. Impressive indeed! The breadth of sourcing itself is breathtaking.… An illuminating contribution to our understanding of important forces at work in today’s world.”—Kenneth Starck, University of Iowa

“This is a must-read not just for media scholars and journalists, but for political scientists, economists, historians, policymakers, and anyone else who wants to understand the tumultuous changes that have occurred in Eastern Europe.”—Dean Mills, Journalism School, University of Missouri–Columbia

“[A] very rich and well-informed reconsideration of the social and media situation in Central and Southeastern Europe.”—Karol Jakubowicz, Political Communication

Chapter List


1. Political Culture, Civil Society, the Media, and Democracy

2. The Media and the New Political World

3. State, Government, Laws, and the Media

4. The Media as an Institution

5. The Media, Civil Society, Political Democracy, and the Market

6. Conclusion: The Media, Journalism, and Democratization

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