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Jane Harman

1. The Middle East: They’ve Arrived
Robin Wright

2. Islam: The Democracy Dilemma
Olivier Roy

3. Egypt: The Founders
Samer Shehata

4. Egypt: The New Puritans
Khalil al Anani

5. Tunisia: The Best Bet
Christopher Alexander

6. Libya: Rebuilding from Scratch
Manal Omar

7. Algeria: Bloody Past and Fractious Factions
David B. Ottaway

8. Syria: Old-Timers and Newcomers
Thomas Pierret

9. The Palestinians: Fighting and Governing
Nathan J. Brown

10. Morocco: The King’s Islamists
Abdeslam Maghraoui

11. Jordan: The Quiescent Opposition
Jillian Schwedler

12. Lebanon: The Shiite Dimension
Nicholas Blanford

13. Yemen: The Tribal Islamists
Leslie Campbell

14. Turkey: The New Model?
Ömar Taşpinar

15. Islamist Groups: Parties and Factions
Annika Folkeson

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