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“By ignoring culture as an explanatory variable and self-consciously adopting a systematic comparative approach, this book represents a major contribution to the study of politics and elections in contemporary Southeast Asia and in other regions and historical periods as well.”—Crossroads

“This volume serves as a useful reader to the ongoing debate about elections and their (mis)use in Southeast Asia.”—James Chin, Journal of Asian Studies

Chapter List

Introduction: The Study of Elections in the Politics of Southeast Asia
R. H. Taylor

1. Elections and Participation in Three Southeast Asian Countries
Benedict R. Anderson

2. A Useful Fiction: Democratic Legitimization in New Order Indonesia
R. William Liddle

3. Elections Without Representation: The Singapore Experience Under the PAP
Garry Rodan

4. Elections’ Janus Face: Limitations and Potential in Malaysia
K. S. Jomo

5. Malaysia: Do Elections Make a Difference?
Harold Crouch

6. Contested Meanings of Elections in the Philippines
Benedict J. Tria

7. Kerkvliet Elections in Burma/Mynmar: For Whom and Why?
R. H. Taylor

8. Elections and Democratization in Thailand
Suchit Bunbongkarn

9. A Tale of Two Democracies: Conflicting Perceptions of Elections in Thai Politics
Anek Laothamatas

10. The Cambodian Elections of 1993: A Case of Power to the People?
Kate G. Frieson

Dan S. Lev

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