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The China-Russia Information Nexus: Convergence and Competition for Narratives

This project examines the evolving China-Russia relationship through the prism of communication. It analyzes the scope of their “information nexus” or the extent of bilateral alignment at the level of strategic communication, including their major visions and practices. Drawing on a rich array of materials, from official speeches to diplomatic and media communication in both countries, this study will map out how China and Russia envision their global persuasion and more broadly soft power ambitions, as well as how they communicate their image to each other and more globally, with a special focus on regions where they compete for influence, such as Central Asia. This project will add a new important dimension to the analyses of China-Russia relations and to the ongoing debates on the transactional versus ideological nature of this partnership. It will also contribute to the larger debates on Great Power Competition and the challenges that China and Russia pose for the United States.

Maria Repnikova

Maria Repnikova is a scholar of Chinese politics and an Associate Professor of Global Communication at Georgia State University. Her research focuses on domestic and global public opinion management, including critical journalism and internal propaganda, and most recently, China's soft power in Africa. Her work has been published in China Quarterly, Journal of Contemporary China, Comparative Politics, and New Media and Society, amongst other venues. She also writes for major media outlets such as the New York Times, Foreign Policy, and The Wall Street Journal. Maria's book, Media Politics in China: Improvising Power under Authoritarianism won the Book of the Year award from the International Journal of Press and Politics. Maria has a doctorate in Politics from Oxford University where she was a Rhodes Scholar.