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The AfPak File Podcast

The AfPak File Podcast is a series jointly hosted by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and the Wilson Center's Asia Program. In each episode, a group of experts gather to discuss key topics affecting the region. Asia Program Deputy Director and Senior Associate for South Asia Michael Kugelman joins each program.

Latest Episode:

An image of mountains with the flags of Pakistan and Afghanistan in the background.

What's Behind The Resurgence Of The Pakistani Taliban?

The Pakistani Taliban (TTP), once one of the world's most potent and deadly terrorist groups before being degraded by Pakistani counterterrorism operations, is making a comeback. Its new leader has reunited TTP splinter groups, and the organization--now based in Afghanistan-- has claimed a series of recent attacks in Pakistan. What accounts for the TTP's resurgence, what are the implications for Pakistan and Afghanistan, and what might the US withdrawal from Afghanistan mean for TTP prospects? And how has the Pakistani government responded to a resurgent TTP?

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