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Girls and Women in Afghanistan

In its third year under Taliban rule, Afghanistan is facing multiple crises: political, humanitarian, and environmental. The impact of which is disproportionately felt by the country’s women and girls. Moreover, the Taliban continues to extend its severe restrictions on women’s rights, including in education and the workforce, and is escalating its crackdown on women defying hijab and mahram laws, among others. As the crisis extends, the Middle East Program and the Asia Program are committed to providing expert, up-to-date analysis that spotlights the voices of women in Afghanistan and their policy priorities.

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Afghanistan: Hindsight Up Front

Afghanistan is led by one of the world’s most brutal regimes, and it is suffering through one of the world’s most serious humanitarian crises. The Wilson Center’s Hindsight Up Front Initiative aims to help ensure that Afghanistan continues to figure in policy and public debates in Washington and beyond. It will keep you informed about the future of Afghanistan, its people, the region, and why it matters.

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The Haleh Esfandiari Forum 2024: Advocating for Afghan Women’s Rights on the Global Stage

The Wilson Center’s Middle East Program (MEP) hosted Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky, Ph.D. Amb. Dobriansky spoke with MEP Director Merissa Khurma about the dire state of women’s rights in Afghanistan, the role of the United States, other states in the region, and the international community in upholding a rights-based order, and the powerful role of women’s leadership in peace, stability, and prosperity.

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