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From "The Ukraine" to Ukraine: A Contemporary History

The Kennan Institute is pleased to announce a new book titled From "The Ukraine" to Ukraine: A Contemporary History, which was inspired by the research and discussions of Ukrainian, American, and international scholars who have worked at the Kennan Institute over the past twenty years.

The contributors to this collection, titled From "The Ukraine" to Ukraine: A Contemporary History, 1991-2021, explore the multidimensional transformation of independent Ukraine and deal with her politics, society, private sector, identity, arts, religions, media, and democracy. Each chapter reflects the up-to-date research in its sub-discipline, is styled for use in seminars, and includes a bibliography as well as a recommended reading list. These studies illustrate the deep changes, yet, at the same time, staggering continuity in Ukraine’s post-Soviet development as well as various counter-reactions to it. All nine chapters are jointly written by two co-authors, one Ukrainian and one Western, who respond here to recent needs in international higher education.

To learn more about this book, explore the links below. You may also purchase a copy from ibidem-VerlagColumbia University Press, or Amazon.

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From "the Ukraine" to Ukraine: About the Book

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