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US-Africa Leaders Summit Paper Series

This Brown Capital Management Africa Forum paper series and corresponding event highlight policy recommendations and options by US and African public and private sector experts on important issues in US-Africa economic relations and why they matter to the United States and African countries.

The US-Africa Leaders Summit, hosted in December 2022, sought to build on this trajectory and demonstrate visibly the administration’s commitment to building a “21st century partnership” with Africa.

Overall, the Summit should be commended for its progress toward recognizing the transformations in Africa and the need to reframe US-Africa engagement more equitably while seeking to embrace the Africa of the future with the United States as a ready partner. The financial and programmatic announcements that emerged from the Summit provide a partial roadmap and areas to track progress. The appointment of the Special Presidential Representative for US-Africa Leaders Summit Implementation bodes well for US commitment. Accountability is crucial for taking the rhetoric of the Summit out of Washington and realizing these commitments and potential benefits to the lives of African citizens.

For more discussion and policy recommendations on the topics discussed, see the Brown Capital Management Africa Forum paper series on the US-Africa Leaders Summit below.

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