Sunni Khalid is managing news editor for WYPR in Baltimore Maryland. Previously he's worked for TIME, The Washington Times, USA Today, Voice of America, and NPR. Ed Robbins is an independent multi award winning director, writer, producer, and videographer. Outlets for his work have included PBS, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, ABC, and the BBC. Teresa Wiltz is a senior editor for, where she helps oversee the production of the African American web-magazine. She previously served as a staff writer for The Washington Post's style section.

Since 1998, the International Reporting Project has become a pioneer in the "non-profit journalism" movement that seeks to fill the gap left by much of the mainstream media's reduction of international news. The IRP has provided opportunities to more than 300 U.S. journalists to travel to more than 85 countries to produce award winning reports. This week on dialogue host John Milewski speaks with guests Sunni Khalid, Ed Robbins, and Teresa Wiltz. They recently participated in an intensive fact finding visit to Liberia under the auspices of the International Reporting Project. You'll also hear from IRP Director, John Schidlovsky, who discusses the project's mission.