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Economic Competitiveness

The area of economic competitiveness has acquired extra importance given the ongoing USMCA implementation process and review of regional economic relations. The Mexico Institute is undertaking research and developing policy ideas for the next stage of US-Mexico economic relations, covering issues ranging from the implementation of the USMCA to innovation and educational exchange.

The United States and Mexico have undergone an accelerated process of economic integration over the past three decades. Mexico is now the United States’ second largest trading partner, accounting for roughly one-sixth of all US exports. The implementation of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) creates a new opening for an economic integration agenda going beyond trade and investment. The Mexico Institute seeks to address the complexities that arise from North American economic integration and identify policies to promote sustained economic growth and equitable development in the USMCA-era.

More than Neighbors
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More Than Neighbors: US-Mexico Trade

With deep manufacturing ties and huge cross-border trade flows, the economic prosperity of the United States and Mexico is profoundly linked.

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