The Ahtisaari Symposium series, established at the Wilson Center in 2010 in honor of Nobel Laureate and former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari, addresses vital issues concerning European and transatlantic security. This year’s session will focus on The Crisis of Euro-Atlantic Security and will include remarks by President Ahtisaari and a keynote delivered by Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger, Chairman of the Munich Security Conference and Distinguished Wilson Center Fellow.

This event is sponsored by the generous support of:

The Alfred Kordelin Foundation

The Helsingin Sanomat Foundation

The Jenny & Antti Wihuri Foundation

The Swedish Cultural Foundation



  • Ritva Koukku-Ronde

    Ambassador of Finland to the United States
  • Wolfgang Ischinger

    Distinguished Scholar
  • Jan H. Kalicki

    Public Policy Fellow and Energy Lead
  • Brenda Shaffer

    Professor, School of Political Science, University of Haifa, and Visiting Researcher, Center for Eurasian, Russian and Eastern European Studies, Georgetown University
  • Maïté de Boncourt

    Research Fellow, Ifri Center for Energy, Paris
  • Martti Ahtisaari

    Former President of Finland
  • Ariel Cohen

    Senior Research Fellow for Russian and Eurasian Studies and International Energy Policy, Heritage Foundation