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Arctic Economic Development Forum

This event, co-hosted by the Wilson Center's Polar Initiative and the Institute of the North, focuses on strategies for improving economic development in Alaska and the Arctic

Date & Time

Apr. 6, 2016
8:00am – 5:00pm ET
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The Wilson Center's Polar Initiative and Institute of the North are co-hosting this forum, which will address the potential for Arctic economic development, the barriers in regional development facing the Arctic, and the paths toward greater economic prosperity in the far north.

This partnership is dedicated to improving the business environment in the American Arctic, which clearly intersects with the economies of other Arctic nations and with other regions of the United States, and includes many sectors of our economies. Panel discussions and presentations will focus on areas of common interest or concern, including trade, infrastructure, investment, risk mitigation, and improving the living and economic conditions of people of the north. Particular attention will be paid to these issues as they relate to Arctic Council projects or priorities, national Arctic policies, and cross-border collaboration

The goals for this forum are to build consensus; see benefits accrue to companies and communities; identify long-term solutions; create opportunities for business development; and address barriers to development.

This event will be we webcast live and a recording of the event will be available after it has concluded; both will be hosted on this webpage. For more information, contact

Hosted By

Polar Institute

Since its inception in 2017, the Polar Institute has become a premier forum for discussion and policy analysis of Arctic and Antarctic issues, and is known in Washington, DC and elsewhere as the Arctic Public Square. The Institute holistically studies the central policy issues facing these regions—with an emphasis on Arctic governance, climate change, economic development, scientific research, security, and Indigenous communities—and communicates trusted analysis to policymakers and other stakeholders.  Read more

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