Nearly 20 percent of China's animals and plants are considered endangered from development pressures and pollution. While many conservation projects focus on panda preservation and nature reserve issues in western China, there are also Chinese and international NGOs working throughout China on protection of turtles, salamanders, sharks, and even marine habitats. This Wilson Center meeting will highlight some of the lesser-known initiatives to protect animals and their habitats. Described by The Wall Street Journal as an "energetic evangelist for the environment," Wen Bo is one of his generation's most active and well-respected environmental leaders.

Born in 1972 in the coastal city of Dalian, Wen Bo co-founded China's Green Students Forum in 1996, linking student environmental groups across the country. Following several years as a working journalist, Wen Bo helped to open Greenpeace's first office in mainland China in 2001. For the past several years, Wen Bo has coordinated Pacific Environment's support for China's burgeoning environmental movement. This past year, he has helped to found China's first nationwide marine conservation coalition and coordinated small grants to over 60 Chinese grassroots organizations.


  • Wen Bo

    Co-founder, China's Green Students Forum; Coordinator, Pacific Environment