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6th Floor Boardroom
Woodrow Wilson Center
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Washington, DC 20004

with Jamil Hasanli, author and member of Milli Mejlis (parliament) of the Republic of Azerbaijan

From the Publisher:
For half a century, the United States and the Soviet Union were in conflict. But how and where did the Cold War begin? Jamil Hasanli answers these intriguing questions in At the Dawn of the Cold War. He argues that the intergenerational crisis over Iranian Azerbaijan (1945-1946) was the first event that brought the Soviet Union to a confrontation with the United States and Britain after the period of cooperation between them during World War II. Based on top-secret archive materials from Soviet and Azerbaijani archives as well as documents from American, British, and Iranian sources, the book details Iranian Azerbaijan's independence movement, which was backed by the USSR, the Soviet struggle for oil in Iran, and the American and British reactions to these events. These events were the starting point of the longer historical period of unarmed conflict between the Soviets and the West that is now known as the Cold War. This book is a major contribution to our understanding of the Cold War and international politics following WWII.

Dr. Jamil Hasanli was born in 1952 in Azerbaijan. He graduated from Baku State University, receiving his Kandidat Nauk degree in 1984 and Doctorate in 1992. He has been working as Professor at Baku State University since 1992, where his general field of specialization is the History of International Relations. In 1992-1993 Dr. Hasanli served as Advisor to the President of Azerbaijan on Political Affairs. He was elected to the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan twice (2000-2005; 2005-present).

He is the author of 10 monographs and more than 100 articles in the field of History and International Relations. His works have been published in Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia, Turkey, the USA, and other countries. His main publications include Azerbaijan in the System of International Relations in 1918-1920, a series of books on Iranian Azerbaijan during the Cold War period, USSR-Turkey: Testing Ground of the Cold War, and others. Dr. Hasanli has revealed many documents with regard to the Cold War from the archives of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, and Russia for the first time in his field of research. His current research activities are focused on the Near and Middle Eastern region during the Cold War period.