Edward J. Perkins, author and William J. Crowe Professor of Geopolitics, University of Oklahoma

Princeton Lyman, Ralph Bunche Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations

Steven McDonald, Consulting Program Manager, Woodrow Wilson Center

The Woodrow Wilson Center and the Council of Foreign Relations are pleased to invite you to a book launch and discussion with Amb. Edward J. Perkins, career Foreign Service Officer and former U.S. Ambassador to South Africa. Perkins will be presenting his recent memoir, Mr. Ambassador: Warrior for Peace. His account of his diplomatic mission as the first black U.S. Ambassador to the apartheid government in South Africa shares his unique insight into the history of U.S. relations with Africa, as well as his own experiences in diplomacy.

Edward J. Perkins is currently William J. Crowe Professor of Geopolitics and Executive Director of the International Programs Center at the University of Oklahoma. Besides serving as Ambassador to South Africa, his long career also included service as the U.S. Ambassador to Liberia, as well as Foreign Service postings in Ghana, Liberia and Washington, DC.

Amb. Princeton Lyman is Ralph Bunche Senior Fellow for Africa policy studies at the Council of Foreign Relations and previously served as U.S. Ambassador to South Africa and to Nigeria. He also served as Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations over the course of a distinguished diplomatic career.

Steven McDonald is Consulting Program Manager for the Woodrow Wilson Center's Africa Program, and coordinates the Center's training programs in Burundi, Liberia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. He previously served Foreign Service postings in South Africa and Uganda, and was Senior Vice President of the Africa-America Institute.