A Brazil Forum breakfast with the governor of São Paulo state, Mr. Geraldo Alckmin was held at the U.S.-Brazil Business Council. Governor Alckmin travelled to Washington to sign a $1.15 billion loan agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank aimed at completing the northern section of the Mário Covas beltway in the city of São Paulo. His remarks addressed investment and partnership opportunities in the State of São Paulo.
São Paulo is Brazil's largest state in terms of economic output, representing 33 percent of the country's GDP. It is the 18th largest economy worldwide and  home to Brazil's top rated universities and research centers. As Governor of the State of São Paulo, Mr.  Alckmin's opinion weighs heavily in Brazil's national policy debates. As São Paulo invests in infrastructure, including  ports and airports, energy, education and  other sectors key to Brazil's economic competitiveness and  growth,  there are enormous opportunities for companies looking to expand their businesses. The Governor will discuss such opportunities as well as the challenges facing those looking to invest in São Paulo and Brazil in general. 
Brazil Forum is the Brazil-U.S. Business Council' s  premier event series focused on Brazil-U.S. trade and investment policy issues. The Brazil-U.S. Business Council is the premier business advocacy organization dedicated to strengthening the bilateral economic and commercial relationship.
The Brazil Institute  seeks to foster dialogue on key issues of bilateral concern between Brazil and the United States, advance Washington's understanding of contemporary Brazilian developments, and promote detailed analysis of Brazil's public policy.
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Photo courtesy of Poder Online