Can Algae Impact Climate Change? | Wilson Center
4th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center

Can Algae Impact Climate Change?

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Dr. Brian Walsh discusses his new paper, New Feed Sources Key to Ambitious Climate Targets, which finds replacing microalgae as animal feed could free up significant land currently used for pasture and feed crops, while meeting 50 percent of our annual energy needs and potentially reducing global atmospheric carbon concentrations to preindustrial levels by the end of the century.

After a presentation by Walsh, a panel of experts will discuss the technical realities of the research, land-use and animal feed stock issues and whether algae can really impact global climate change.


Dr. Brian Walsh, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis


Dr. David Babson, Senior Engineer, Union of Concerned Scientists

Dr. Jennifer Turner, Director, China Environment Forum and Manager, Global Choke Point Initiative, Woodrow Wilson Center

Jill Kauffman Johnson, Global Sustainability Director, Solazyme, Inc.

Moderated by:  David Rejeski, Director, Science & Technology Innovation Program, Woodrow Wilson Center

This event is co-sponsored by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis and the Wilson Center’s China Environment Forum and Science & Technology Innovation Program.