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Capping China’s Coal

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In the U.S.-China climate and energy cooperation deal signed in Beijing last week, China’s president Xi Jinping committed to capping CO2 emissions by 2030. However, despite nearly a decade of aggressive policies pushing energy efficiency and renewables, coal use in China has continued to rise and air pollution problems are worsening. To delve behind the headlines, at the November 24th meeting CEF is featuring speakers from the Natural Resources Defense Council, WWF, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to discuss new and emerging policies and international partnerships that aim to help China reach the national coal consumption cap by 2020.



  • Jake Schmidt

    Director, International Program, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Hu Tao

    Senior Adviser of World Wildlife Fund China, Adjunct Professor at Beijing Normal University, Chairman of the Professional Association for China’s Environment, Vice-President of the Union of Chinese Professional Organizations
  • Kelly Sims Gallagher

    Senior Policy Advisor, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy